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Home Place Farms has three donkeys (Faith, Hope & Love) and six chickens (our Six-Pack) who are amazingly witty, affectionate, and full of adventure! Animals give unconditional and non-judgemental love always. Animals are intuitive. They can discern when a person is hurting and have unique abilities to understand human emotion. Take some fresh eggs home with you, compliments of our Six Pack.

We offer opportunities to adopt an animal. This is a chance to bond with one particular animal and to receive updates from us with photos and news. All of our animals give never-ending love and laughter daily.

Raisin Remembered

This past week we lost our Australorp feather baby, Raisin. As long as we had was just not enough. Passionate about everything. She will be remembered for her love of peanuts, her bravery and zeal for Life.

Dreaming of an Inner gate within outer gate – a fortress to keep ugly out and hold us in. He says “I am your fortress and strength and strong tower”. Battlefields are everywhere.

Fortress won’t help what’s in though – the images of yesterday will play like a slide show in my mind forever. PTSD is real, gripping. Time can heal but nothing takes it away.

Life is full of disappointments and loss, but no one should experience them alone. God bless Auburn Veterinary clinic. One of the few who do not value life by societal standards and who tried so hard to save her. God bless Veterans.

The sky poured on the day she passed as did our eyes…


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“Who teaches us more than the beasts of the earth and makes us wiser than the birds of the heavens?”

Job 35:11


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