Our Team


I  am Desert Storm Veteran, Hayes Wilson. Like many others, I left Desert Storm with severe PTSD. Although my PTSD continues, I was introduced to horticulture right after the war, by my good friend Nathan.  "Plants, dirt, animals ground me." There is nothing like planting a seed and watching it grow. God tells us we plant a seed, water, feed and God gives growth. We know there are many places for help. We like to think that we are different, in that we take a casual approach. Come dig in the dirt, watch the chickens and cows, run our obstacle course, camp out on 32 acres by a running stream. Enjoy bonding by the fire, eat a meal, share some laughter. It is great therapy to work the ground - to create life


Board of Directors
Hayes Wilson, President & Chair
Joyce Spurlin, Treasurer
Stacy Strain, Secretary

Ground Pounders
Dr. Dan R. Strain, Army Veteran
Tana Strain, Artistic Design & Marketing
Hayes Wilson, Marine Veteran